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Do you need some ideas for your small garden design?


At Beaulieu Landscapes we love all types of garden, and there is nothing that we like better than having the opportunity to complete a new garden design from the initial plans through to completion!

In the spring our minds turn to spending more time outside and this the perfect opportunity to have a tidy-up or to consider a complete redesign of your outdoor space.

As experts in garden design, we are often asked for advice and tips on how to get the most from our gardens and ‘what to do with a small garden space’ is always a popular topic.

We have lots of experience of managing diminutive outdoor areas, so don’t worry, a small garden can be the perfect size with the right planning and execution!


A wonderful time of year to spend in the outdoors – whatever size of garden you have


Plan first!

This may seems like obvious advice, but the reality is that most gardens grow organically (in more ways than one).

Many people add plants, pots, paint, and accessories without thinking about how everything will work together. Before you know it, your garden area is full, with no overall holistic approach or unifying theme.

When space is at a premium it is particularly important to plan well and to have a cohesive design in mind. This will help you make the best use of your square footage in a strategic way.

We recommend that you try to stick to one garden style and colour palette so that your plants, walls, fences, pots and other accessories all have a unified feel.


A moodboard ca help you to select the right colours for your small garden


Adding a single focal point such as a seating area, water feature or other garden ornament can really help to make a statement, without adding lots of different elements.

Have you ever considered using a mirror on a wall outside? This can look really attractive and is an innovative design feature which also helps to give the impression of more space.


The right accessories are extremely important


Get the most out of (all of) your space

When we think about our gardens we tend to concentrate on how to use the available ground space.

In a small garden it really makes sense to think beyond the floor area and one of the best ways to do this is to look upwards.

Consider hanging baskets, planters fixed to walls or fences, pergolas or arches and climbing/tall plants, if you have the space. All of these elements can add extra height and a grander scale.


Use all available space

Practicality is paramount

Increasingly we like to use our gardens as outside rooms which are extensions of our homes. They are places where we spend leisure time, socialise and entertain.

These activities are possible in a small garden with the right type of practical accessories. We recommend garden furniture which is relatively compact, easy to stack, cover and put away if there is enough room.

Make sure you incorporate some storage space – you don’t need a large shed for this – storage benches are great, or lockable garden boxes. This will make your small garden practical and easy to manage.


Make your small garden practical as well as beautiful


A final note on garden lighting. The right lighting really helps to present a small space in the best possible light!

There are lots of lighting options available to be used outdoors. We do recommend that you get some expert advice when planning exterior lighting to ensure safe installation, as well as the best positioning and energy saving benefits.

We can assist with this if you need further advice.


Garden lighting is part of our garden landscaping services

Selecting the right type of lighting is vitally important

Need more help?

It is great if you are able to design and manage your garden yourself, but there are times when you can benefit from a design refresh or expert help to get started!


If you need professional help with your small garden design – please get in touch with us today.



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